Thanthi TV

With the passage of time, Thanthi TV has become one of the most famous 24/7 Tamil news channels. It is the most famous Tamil news satellite television channel based in Chennai, India. As per information, the channel is owned by Dina Thanthi.


It is interesting to know that NDTV Hindu was launched on May 16, 2009, which is owned by NDTV (51%) and The Hindu Group (49%). Basically, it was started as a Chennai city-specific English news and entertainment channel. Initially, it was only broadcast in Chennai.

Just when the Dina Thanthi group took over NDTV Hindu, it rebranded the channel as Thanthi TV. It was rebranded and relaunched on November 13, 2012, as a 24/7 Tamil news channel. It serves and broadcasts to Tamil Nadu, India.

Kelvikenna Basil is one of the most-watched shows on the channel. In this show, the host interviews different leaders in Tamil Nadu. Narendra Modi is one of the most famous people who has been interviewed.


1) Thiraikadal

At: 4:30 PM

The host likes to shed light on the upcoming film projects, celebrity gossip, and also audio launches.

2) 5 Mani Seithigal

At: 5:00 PM

Here, you can find the collection of the latest political, social, and sports news and updates from India and around the world.

3) Thanthi Seithigal

At: 6:00 PM

Some of the latest social, political, and economic news updates that are affecting the lives of the people of Tamil Nadu are presented in a very comprehensive manner.

4) 7 Mani Seithi

At: 7:00 PM

All the latest updates and developments relating to different socio-political issues are presented with an analysis.

5) BBC

At: 7:50 PM

Different latest news updates and developments from the world of business, politics, and sports are discussed in a detailed manner.

6) Ayutha Ezhuthu

At: 8:00 PM

Some experts and dignitaries from different social backgrounds like to debate on political, social, and economic issues of national importance.

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