Prime9 News live

With the passage of time, Prime9 News live has become one of the most famous Indian satellite television news channels. It provides 24-hour news coverage in the Telugu language. Currently, the channel is owned by Samhitha Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd.

As per information, the channel is broadcast from Samhitha Broadcasting Pvt.Ltd head office in Hyderabad.


It is interesting to know that the channel coverage live the latest news, news bulletins, current affairs, and talk show. There is also a test run using the RTV license.


It is available in Intelsat 17, 66.0°E 3876, horizontal with symbol rate – 14300 3/4, System DVB-S28PSKMPEG-4.

Prime9 News Live Schedule

By searching online, people can find about the latest schedule of the channel. Moreover, there is a lot of information on this page about the live schedules of the channels. You must stay in touch with this page if you want to know about the schedules of the channels.

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