NTV Telugu Live

Basically, NTV Live is an Indian regional Telugu News Channel launched in 2007. It was launched along with South India’s first devotional channel named Bhakti TV. With the passage of time, it has become the most-watched 24/7 channel in many countries. Moreover, it is also the leading regional channel.

Its tagline is “Prathikshanam Prajahitham,” which informs that news is a vital tool in heralding a change in society. The chairman of this channel is Narendra Choudary Tummala who has promised that the content and the way of treatment will be different from other channels.

The parent company of this channel is Rachana Television Pvt.Ltd which also owns India’s first women’s channel, Vanitha TV. Among Telugu diaspora all over the world, all the three channels of RTPL are very famous. It is interesting to know that NTV Digital’s presence consists of NTVTelugu.com, various YouTube channels, mobile apps, and social media.

NTV Telugu Schedule 

1) Hello Doctor

It starts at 01:30 Pm and ends at 02:00 PM. Different health and medical experts come together in order to talk about the benefits of Ayurveda, allopathy, and homeopathy. Suggestions are also provided on various issues.

2) News Online

It is live telecasted at 2:00 PM. The host provides information about the latest and vital regional as well as national news updates, developments, events, and happenings of the day.

3) Movie Mixture

It is live telecasted at 2:30 PM. All the latest releases from Tollywood are discussed in this show. There are also updates on the most trending news and gossip from the world of cinema.

4) Focus

It starts at 3:30 PM. An in-depth analysis is provided on various socio-economic and political topics. Furthermore, the current affairs that impact customers are also discussed in this show.

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