News18 Bangla live

Basically, News18 Bangla Live is a 24/7 Bengali news channel which is owned by Network 18, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. The channel is interestingly free-to-air and was launched on March 10, 2014. On March 12, 2018, the channel changed its name from ETV News Bangla to News18 Bangla.

Currently, the channel is popular for spreading news pertaining to West Bengal, Nation, and the World. With the passage of time since 2014, the channel has gained its popularity through the qualities of its news like fairness and authenticity.

The channel is based in Kolkata, West Bengal. Different news is covered by this channel like national and regional news, sports, politics, showbiz, lifestyle, and many more. Currently, it is owned by Network18 Group and is also a member of the ETV Network.

News18 Bangla Schedule

1) Janatar Darbar

Starts at: 12:00 AM
Ends at: 12:30 AM

On this platform, the host interacts with the audience and discusses the most related issues that are impacting the country.

2) Annadata

Starts at: 06:00 AM
Ends at: 06:30 AM

This show is designed especially for the farmers. The host discusses new agricultural technologies and smart practices which are designed to educate and empower farmers in order to minimize the cost of farming.

3) Khobor Dinbhor

Starts at: 06:30 AM
Ends at: 07:00 AM

Here, the host discusses the latest and most vital socio-economic and political news, updates, and developments from across the city.

4) Top News@10

Starts at: 10:30 AM
Ends at: 11:00 AM

Some of the latest news stories and developments relating to economics, politics, and sports are discussed on this platform.

5) News18 360 Degree

Starts at: 12:00 PM
Ends at: 12:30 PM

All the latest news and developments from the political, social, economic, and sports fronts from all across the country are presented on this platform.

6) Christmas Carnival

Starts at: 06:30 PM
Ends at: 07:00 PM

All the individuals gather at a carnival held during the occasion of Christmas which is designed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

7) Amar Bangla

Starts at: 07:00 PM
Ends at: 07:30 PM

Here, the audience can have access to the latest socio-economic and political news and updates from various parts of the state of West Bengal.

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