Kaumudy TV live

Kaumudy TV live is a very famous Malayalam television channel owned by the owners of the Malayalam Newspaper Kerala Kaumudi. As per information, the channel was launched on May 5, 2013.

Before the official ceremony of the channel, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh revealed the logo of the channel. The main thing of the channel is that it comprises news, talks, interviews, and entertainment.


  • Aliyans
  • Mahaguru
  • Oh My God
  • Snake Master – Vava Suresh
  • Day with a Star
  • Devamrutham
  • Secret File
  • 4 the people
  • Haritha sundaram
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Junior Chef Master
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – Mystical Wisdom
  • Puthiya Pattu
  • Film Box
  • Dream Drive
  • Get set Chat
  • Saat
  • Tharappakittu
  • Ladies Hour
  • Straight Line
  • Arangaettam
  • Devageetham

Kaumudy TV Schedule

1) Kaumudy Movies

Starts at: 12:00 AM
Ends at: 12:25 AM

Basically, the show is an Entertainment-based show.

2) Kaumudy Gulf News

Starts at: 12:25 AM
Ends at: 12:35 AM

Here, the host provides a summary of the latest social, political, and economic news updates from the Middle Eastern countries and their impact on the lives of the people.

3) Devamarthum

Starts at: 12:35 AM
Ends at: 01:00 AM

In this show, an astrologer studies the movement and relative position of celestial objects. Moreover, the host also predicts the future for the twelve zodiac signs.

4) Ladies Hour

Starts at: 01:00 AM
Ends at: 01:30 AM

All the experts from different fields are invited who shed light on the various aspects relating to women and provide tips on fashion, beauty, and health.

5) Snake Master

Starts at: 01:30 AM
Ends at: 02:00 AM

Vava Suresh who is an expert in snakes presents various kinds of snakes in habitats across India and shares vital facts about them.

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