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India TV is a very famous Hindi news channel from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. As per information, the channel was launched on May 20, 2004, by Rajat Sharma and wife Ritu Dhawan. Moreover, the channel is a subsidiary of Independent News Service. It was co-founded by Sharma and Dhawan in 1997.

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The parent company of India TV is Independent News Service which was established by Rajat Sharma and Ritu Dhawan in 1997. As per information, the broadcast center is in Sector 85, Noida, UP, India. It is interesting to know that the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ in India TV has been able to complete 27 years of its existence in 2020.

India TV Schedule | Today’s TV Schedule

1) Aaj Ki Baat-Rajat Sharma Ke Saath

Starts at: 11:28 PM

Ends at: 12:15 AM

Here, the most famous host Sharma provides information about the latest news and current affairs. A detailed analysis is also presented which helps in better understanding.

2) Super 100

Starts at: 12:15 AM

Ends at: 01:00 AM

All the latest news stories, current affairs, and developments relating to economics, politics, and sports are presented.

3) Advertisement

Starts at: 05:00 AM

Ends at: 05:30 AM

On this platform, a wide range of products manufactured by famous brands can be bought at suitable prices.

4) Jaago India

Starts at: 06:00 AM

Ends at: 06:28 AM

All the latest updates and developments regarding social, political, and economic issues are discussed.

5) Jaago India + Super 100

Starts at: 06:28 AM

Ends at: 06:58 AM

The show spreads information about top stories, recent happenings, and the latest updates that are taking place in the country.

6) Bhavishyawani

Starts at: 07:25 AM

Ends at: 07:57 AM

The audience may have access to a foreteller who predicts events based on his expertise in astrology and numerology.

7) Corona Se Jung Baba Ramdev Ke Sang

Starts at: 07:57 AM

Ends at: 08:58 AM

The host likes to talk to the spiritual leader Baba Ramdev about yoga. He also talks about the applications of Yoga in protecting people against Covid-19.

8) Superfast 200

Starts at: 09:28 AM

Ends at: 09:58 AM

The host likes to present a compilation of the most famous news stories of the day.

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