How to get Google Chrome on Roku

How to get Google Chrome on Roku?

Chrome is a web browser by Google. Through this, you can have an access to different apps, sites, etc. It has become one of the fastest browsers. Multiple devices can access Google Chrome. In order to access Chrome on Roku, you need to read the entire section below.

What are the Features of Google Chrome?

  • Allows you to sync the date of account faster
  • Bookmark your favorite site or page
  • Colorful themes
  • Browsing history is available
  • Exploring the download items in the Downloads section
  • Cast tabs on other screens like Roku, TV, etc.

How to Get Google Chrome Browser on Roku?

Google Chrome access is not available on Roku outright. However, through the Screen Mirroring Option, you can get this process done.

How to Screen Mirror Chrome on Roku using Android Smartphone?

  • Connect the Roku to your TV
  • Tap the Settings in the main menu
  • Click on the System Settings button from the right side
  • Pick the Screen Mirroring Mode
  • Choose the Prompt or Always Allow option to enable mirroring

How to Screen Mirror Chrome on Roku using Android Smartphone?

  • Connect Roku and Android Devices to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Launch the Chrome App on the Android Smartphone
  • Go to the ‘Notification Panel’ and tap on Cast
  • Choose the Roku TV
  • Chrome will display on the TV

How to Screen Mirror Chrome on Roku from iOS Smartphone

Note: You need to turn on the AirPlay from Settings. It can be done through Apple AirPlay and HomeKit > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit Settings.

  • Visit the App Store on your iOS Smartphone
  • Search and Install the Chrome App
  • Launch the Control Center
  • Tap on the Screen Mirroring Icon
  • Choose the Roku Device
  • Launch the Chrome app and browse what you want to watch

How to Screen Mirror Chrome on Roku from a PC

Launch the Chrome App on a PC
You can download App from the official website and install it
Click on the Action Center from the lower right corner
Select your Roku Device
It is available on the right plane

Alternatives to Chrome on Roku

  • Mozilla Firefox on Roku
  • Internet Explorer on Roku

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is the availability of the Chrome App for Roku TV?

Google Chrome is not available in the Channel Store.

2) Can we get Chrome on Roku?

By using the screen mirror, the Chrome App from Android or iOS smartphones can be downloaded to your streaming device.

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