First India News Rajasthan live

It is interesting to know that the First India News Live channel has become one of the most famous regional news channels based in Rajasthan, India. As per information, the channel was launched in 2013.

Associated journalists

  • CMD Mr. Jagdeesh Chandra
  • Director Mr. Virendra Choudhary


  • The New JC Show
  • Big Fight Live
  • Jawab Toh Dena Padega
  • Janta Ka Mood
  • Face to Face
  • Good Luck Tips
  • Bhoole Bisre Nagme
  • Ghoomar Nakhrali
  • Jungle Live

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First India News Rajasthan Schedule | Today’s TV Schedule

1) Final Report

Starts at: 12:00 AM
Ends at: 12:30 AM

Here, the host presents a round-up of the recent news, events, updates, and developments.

2) Ghoomar Nakhrali

Starts at: 12:30 AM
Ends at: 01:00 AM

On this platform, the host likes to present a detailed compilation of traditional Rajasthani folk songs and dances. Moreover, it also provides interesting facts relating to Rajasthan.

3) Speed News

Starts at: 01:00 AM
Ends at: 01:30 AM

In this program, you can have an access to a quick update on the top stories of the day. The news range from politics and business to sports and entertainment.

4) Bhoole Bisre Geet Nagme

Starts at: 01:30 AM
Ends at: 02:30 AM

The audience can have access to some of the finest classic musical tracks from famous movies in the Indian film industry.

5) Final Report

Starts at: 03:30 AM
Ends at: 04:00 AM

In this show, the host likes to present a round-up of the recent news, events, updates, and developments.

6) Dev Darshan

Starts at: 05:00 AM
Ends at: 05:30 AM

Here, a priest recites sacred hymns and conducts the holy ritual of performing ‘aarti’ to the Almighty at the Ram Mandir in Ajmer.

7) Sur Sadhana

Starts at: 05:30 AM
Ends at: 06:00 AM

Different famous musicians discuss their life journey as artists and also share their knowledge about the different aspects of Hindustani classic music.

8) Tehsil Aapke Dwar

Starts at: 06:00 AM
Ends at: 06:30 AM

Different latest news stories, socio-political developments, and current events in villages and tehsils across Rajasthan are presented on this platform.

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