Astro Ria Malaysia

Astro Ria is one of the best Malaysian satellite TV channels which is available in both Standard Definition (SD) and High definition(HD). Astro Ria is invited to be the special guest in the TV-show.

Additionally, they provide the best Top shows including Indonesian Dramas, local news, films, documentaries, Morning shows, cartoons, movies, sports and reality shows. Channel was established on 1st, October, 2007.

After passage of time, they launched a 3-digit channel. This TV Channel is executed by the Astro Family Package with other Malay channels including Astro Oasis, Astro Aruna, Astro Oasis, and other Indonesian television and Bahasa Malaysia.

As of 2003, Astro Ria introduced a show that depends upon Mexican TV series La Academia, known as Akedemi Fantasia. The winner of the contest pits 12 singers in a bid. The series became so famous in Brunei and Malaysia that spin-off versions were made in Indonesia and Thailand.

A 2nd season was made, which allowed Brunei viewers to vote as well. In the 3rd edition, fourteen guests instead of the original 12 were competing for the competition and the winner, Mawi became an instant music celebrity. A 4th edition opened in May 2006. So, Astro Ria Live is the best tv channel for you.

Astro Ria has also performed as a host in various prestigious annual events in the entertainment world including the Era Awards broadcast, the Space Series Awards, the Malaysian Film Festival and also aired UMNO General Assembly live from the Putra World Trade Center.

In the end of May 2002, the channel introduced a new channel known as Bloomberg RIA News, which was essentially the Malay-language edition of Bloomberg Malaysia. The coverage was aired at 10:45 pm on weekdays. Its first anchor was Amir Mahmood Razak, who eventually also presented for the English edition. The series was launched by Amy Mahadi.

Astro’s co-operation and Bloomberg TV was invented in 2004, and the news programming became known as Berita Astro. The news was made at the end of January 2007 and then they introduced a new channel division. In this channel, they established a news channel known as Sep, 2007.

Astro Ria Malaysia Schedule

Program Time
RASA Instafamous Tue, 12:30 AM
Hard to Heart Tue, 1:00 AM
Uhuu Abang Kosmetik Tue, 1:30 AM
The Apartments Tue, 2:00 AM
Hala 3 Tue, 2:30 AM
Klik! Pengantin Musim Salju Tue, 3:00 AM
Celup Tue, 3:30 AM

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