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With the passage of time, Aradana TV Live has become the No. 1 Christian Channel. The main focus of the channel is to deal with the voice of Christianity across the Globe.

The channel is also India’s leading Christian satellite channel that provided Bible-based programs in Telugu, Hindi, and English languages. It is also the Telugu devotional channel.

Currently, Paul Devapriyam Pull is the founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of the Ardana Broadcasting Internation Pvt Ltd. He is a very strong visionary and expert management professional in the fields of Internation Trade, Marketing, Finance, and Construction.

An amazing thing about this channel is that it works inclusively. It works with all denominations from Protestants to Catholics and Partners with the community leaders from all fields and levels. Usha Kiran is the Executive Director of Ardana TV.

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Aradana TV Schedule

1) Subhakanshalu

Magazine program.

Starts at: 12:00 AM
Ends at: 12:30 AM

2) Dr. N. Jayapaul

Starts at: 12:30 AM
Ends at: 01:00 AM

On this platform, Dr. N. Jayapaul shares some important verses and teachings from the Bible for the audience.

3) Dr. P. Satish Kumar

Starts at: 01:00 AM
Ends at: 01:30 AM

This program features spiritual discourses provided by Dr. P. Satish Kumar.

4) Rev.Samuel Patta

Starts at: 01:30 AM
Ends at: 02:00 AM

A very respected Samuel Patta, a Christian missionary, explains the inner meanings of some biblical verses.

5) Bro. Praveen

Starts at: 02:00 AM
Ends at: 02:30 AM

In this program, Brother Praveen shares some devotional discourses with the disciples of the Lord.

6) Devotional Songs

Starts at: 02:30 AM
Ends at: 03:00 AM

Various hymns which showcase several temples and their deities are presented on this platform.

7) Jesus Calls

Starts at: 03:30 AM
Ends at: 04:00 AM

On this platform, Christian ministry tries to deliver religious discourses based on the verses of the Holy Bible and also inspire followers to lead a spiritual life.

8) Ushodayam/ Rev.vikranth Vardan

Starts at: 06:30 AM
Ends at: 07:00 AM

A Christian leader tries to deliver a discourse based on the teachings of the Holy Bible in order to guide the devotees on the right path.

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