Angel TV live

An amazing piece of information is that Angel TV live news has become very famous 24/7 free to air Christian religious HD channel. Currently, it is being operated by Trinity Television.

The motto of the channel is “There is always something NEW!” The basic purpose of the channel is to encourage the viewers to make positive lifestyle changes that will foster physical, spiritual, and mental health through its programming.

Nowadays, Angel TV is available in the entire world via satellite, TV, cable, and the Internet. The programming is totally Biblical-related and many of its shows are for entertainment.

Direct to Home (DTH)

Angel TV is now available through Airtel DTH, Tatasky DTH, Sun Direct DTH, Videocon D2H in India, and Lanka Broadband Network. Furthermore, it is also available through City Cable in Sri Lanka.

Angel TV HD Schedule | Today’s TV Schedule

1) Signs Lab

Starts at: 12:00 AM
Ends at: 12:30 AM

2) Pray Against COVID-19

Starts at: 12:30 AM
Ends at: 01:00 AM

Here, a very famous religious leader offers prayers to the almighty. He asks with sincerity to eradicate the dreaded coronavirus all over the world.

3) Nijamaa Iru

Starts at: 01:00 AM
Ends at: 01:30 AM

This show focuses on religion and spirituality.

4) Disciples Of Christ

Starts at: 01:30 AM
Ends at: 02:00 AM

All the religious scholars deliver a discourse which is about the history of the disciples of Jesus Christ. Thye also urges the devout to follow the principles.

5) Naesarudaiya

Starts at: 02:30 AM
Ends at: 03:00 AM

It is an entertainment-based program.

6) Innisai Virundhu

Starts at: 03:00 AM
Ends at: 03:30 AM

The basic focus of the program is to feature a thirty-minute round of Christian songs for gospel music enthusiasts.

7) Tea With Iyya

Starts at: 03:30 AM
Ends at: 04:30 AM

Here, a religious leader delivers a discourse based on the Holy Bible and encourages everyone to follow the Word of God to lead a peaceful life.

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